Every holiday season MusicalArts presents a production of The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen…

The story takes place Christmas evening, after all the presents have been opened and the family has gone to sleep; a time when the toys can come alive! It is the love story of a brave Captain of a regiment of tin soldiers and a Music Box Ballerina.

Each year, the “old” toys welcome the “new” toys into the house by throwing a ball where we meet aerial fireflies, Nightengales, Ballerina Dolls and a Tea Set. But there is much more than just ballet in this home! Hip-hop GI Joes and Barbies, tap dancing Soldiers, friendly Kitties and a contemporary Kaleidoscope are just a few of the characters we will see! Each toy celebrates this magical night with dance.

When the Music Box Ballerina dances at the ball, the bossy Jack-in-the-Box, who has always been the “boss” of the other toys, instantly decides that he wants her for himself. When the Tin Soldier Captain tries to dance with the Music Box Ballerina, the Jack-in-the-Box gets jealous and steals her away, vowing to always keep her for himself. The Tin Soldier Captain challenges the Jack-in-the-Box to a duel for the Music Box Ballerina’s freedom. But who wins? Is the Music Box Ballerina set free?

Join us this December for the next production.  Information will be posted here in the fall.  You may also call the office at 603-778-4862 for more information.